About us

What's the Red Light Body Shop?

The Red Light Body Shop is the effortless Weight Loss & Pain Relief destination.

We specialize in jumpstarting your Weight Loss & Pain Relief journey through the use of Cold Laser Full Body Red Light Therapy.

Our Red Light Therapy System is FDA Cleared, Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, and Painless. It is an effortless solution.

Meet our Founder - Todd Wickstrom, Chief Groove Enhancer

After getting accepted to Medical School, Todd chose a slightly different path. Instead of becoming a Doctor, much to his mother’s dismay, he opened a Chinese Restaurant with his college roommate. He has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. 

He has spent the last 20 plus years in the world of health, wellness, and hospitality. He was the Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Deli “The Coolest Small Company in America” according to INC Magazine and co-founded Heritage Foods USA - named the Food Artisans of The Year by Bon Apetite Magazine.

Todd is passionate about organizational culture, growing teams around the world and focused on blending spiritual dynamics into organizational realities.

In 2021 he opened the Red Light Body Shop in Elk Grove Village, IL to help share his passion of natural health solutions, including Red Light Therapy, Whole Body Vibration, Qi Gong and one-on-one Personal Coaching. 

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